Trump’s latest skin scandal exposes deep rift between Trump, team

In the latest episode of his television program, Trump Jr., host Willie Geist, played a clip of Trump Jr. making a controversial claim that his father had been paid for his work at the Trump Organization, a claim that was denied by the president’s eldest son.

The clip was played before Geist asked if there was any evidence to back up the claim, which Trump Jr.’s father, Jared Kushner, later retracted.

In the segment, Trump Sr. is heard saying he and his brother had made a promise to each other to work together to make the Trump organization successful, but they had to break it because they were “going to be involved in other things.”

Trump Jr said the promise was never broken and he had never met Kushner.

“I know you are not going to be happy with the answer that I gave you,” Geist said, according to a transcript of the interview published by the Washington Post.

Trump Jr has repeatedly claimed that he did not work on any projects with the Trump Foundation during the time he was working on the video.

The White House said that Geist was attempting to “distract from his comments” about the video and said he was asked to leave the studio.

The president has denied having any involvement in the video, which was posted to Instagram and has been viewed more than 2 million times.

He has also defended his son’s comments, saying they were made during a private meeting in which he said he would make sure that there was “no conflicts of interest” in his work as a Trump Organization official.

He also said that the video “is a total fabrication” that was made up by Democrats to attack his son.

Trump’s personal lawyer, Alan Garten, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a series of tweets, Geist defended the video by saying that Trump Jr’s “statement is a lie.”

Geist also defended the president, saying the “truth is the truth.”

Trump has repeatedly said he did nothing wrong and he did indeed have no dealings with the Russian government during the 2016 campaign.

But the president has repeatedly denied knowing anything about Russia or the Russian efforts to interfere in the election.

The latest controversy comes amid mounting criticism that the White House is not following its legal obligations under the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits federal officials from accepting gifts from foreign governments.

The clause bars officials from receiving foreign payments, including cash payments, for official business.

The Emoluments Clause has also been a subject of legal challenges in recent years, with Trump’s attorneys claiming it violates the Constitution’s First Amendment rights.

The Trump administration has defended its use of the clause in recent cases, saying it was in place to prevent presidents from accepting payments from foreign officials for work done while they were serving in the White Houses.

The Justice Department last year settled with the president over the Emolument Clause, which requires the president to divest his ownership interest in the Trump Tower in New York, according in a settlement announced Wednesday.

In January, a federal judge in Maryland ruled that the Emo­tion Clause violated the Constitution, and the president appealed.

The appeals court upheld the ruling.

Trump was also accused in January of using his office to benefit his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared, during the presidential transition, as well as to help with the transition of his business to a trust run by his wife.

Trump and his team have defended their use of emolument clauses and their legality.

They have argued that the Constitution does not prohibit the president from using his position to benefit foreign interests.

In recent years Trump has faced backlash for his refusal to divest from his business empire, including for the time during the campaign when he took out ads saying he would be willing to donate $100 million to charities that supported the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The Supreme Court has rejected such claims.

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