The future of ‘skin bleach’ is in your eyes

When you have the ability to create a new layer of skin on your face, you’re effectively taking on a layer of light and creating a more intense glow.

The process, known as phototherapy, is one of the most promising for skin care, especially when it comes to the treatment of acne. 

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, the treatment could help prevent or reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, which is known as keratoconus. 

“The benefits of this type of therapy are dramatic,” says dermatologist and founder of the Dr. David J. Hill Foundation, Dr. John M. Hill, MD.

“If you are able to eliminate these areas, your skin will look healthier and more radiant.”

“This could be a way to help improve skin’s appearance by reducing or eliminating acne and scarring,” Dr. Hill says. 

The study, published in The Journal of Dermal Pharmacology and Therapeutics, used a procedure known as bio-rejuvenation, which involves using cells from the skin to restore cells that have been damaged.

 This process is used to repair damaged cells in the body. 

Dr. Hill explains that it’s also important to note that this process does not involve chemical bleaching, which could cause skin damage and scar tissue. 

As far as skin bleaching goes, there’s no specific way to go about it, but it can be done in a few different ways. 

One of the best ways to remove the appearance is with an anti-aging cream.

This could be purchased over the counter or you can use a gel cleanser to get rid of the residue.

However, Dr Hill says that the main thing you want to do to prevent acne is to stay hydrated.

“You should be getting plenty of water and having a balanced diet,” he says.

While skin bleaches do have potential, Dr Jones says that this type is far from the only way to look good.

“What I like about it is that it works well on all skin types and it can really improve skin tone and texture,” he explains.

“There’s a lot more research on it, so you can expect more research to come out in the coming years.”

The other benefits of phototherapy are that it reduces the amount of skin bleached in the eyes and that it can help prevent and treat keratitis.

Dr Hill says the skin on the face is more sensitive and the skin underneath can become more irritated. 

However, he says that phototherapy does not cause any permanent damage. 

 “It doesn’t change the structure of the skin,” he states.

“It does not change the amount or thickness of the hair.

It does not alter the pigmentation of the pigments.” 

If you have acne, Dr J Hill says you should not attempt phototherapy.

According to Dr Hill, you should keep your skin hydrated and have a healthy diet, and you should avoid using acne medications or creams.

To learn more about phototherapy and its benefits, visit the Dr David J Hill Foundation website. 

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