‘Skin fungus’ kills two in Arizona, two in Florida

A woman who says she was infected with skin fungus that she thought was a tick that was in her skin has died in Arizona and Florida.

The Arizona Department of Health confirmed the deaths of the two victims on Monday.

They were both between the ages of 21 and 25.

According to the department, the two were found in a room in a home in Tempe, Arizona, on Jan. 16.

Both victims were taken to a hospital for treatment of the disease.

Health officials say that both victims are in good health.

There is no word on whether the victims were infected with a new strain of skin fungus.

We have been notified that the two persons found dead in Tempp were infected by a new skin fungus, AZ Health Commissioner John Yoo said.

While there is no cure for the fungus, they are both in good condition and the Department of Public Health and Family Services is working closely with the State of Arizona and the Arizona Department for Health Services to monitor the condition of all persons in the Tempe area, according to a statement from the agency.

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