PS5 skins for Lynx Fortnite, ps5 console games and other PS5 exclusives

In addition to Lynx’s new skins, Sony has announced that a bunch of other PS4 games will get new skins for the console, including its own PS4 game, Star Wars: Battlefront II.

The game is slated to launch in the U.S. on December 20.

The PS4’s PSN store now offers a slew of new PS4 skin skins.

The PlayStation 4 skins for PS4 titles will be available on December 10, but they will only be available for purchase through the PlayStation Store, so don’t expect to be able to pick up these skins until then.

The skins include a “Snowy” model, a “Red-Headed” model and a “Dark-Head” model.

We have no way of knowing which game is which, but the skins are pretty cool.

You can also get some of these new skins on the PS4 Store for $20.

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