“Light skin bakaugou” to be released in Japan in December

A Japanese anime and manga series, light skin baksugou, is to be available in December, according to Crunchyroll.

The light skin characters of the title will be depicted in a variety of poses including poses with light clothing, while the light skin females will be wearing their usual clothing.

This series will also be available to Crunchysub members.

The anime series, which will premiere in October, centers on a girl named Sakura Gakuin who is one of the light-skinned bakaugs.

Her main job is to protect her classmates and friends, as well as protect the world from the dark.

The series will have 12 episodes and will have a 13-episode run, and will air on TV Tokyo and TBS.

The cast of the anime includes:Ayumi Sugiyama (The Black Cat), Shintaro Yamaguchi (Kagaku Zashin), Nobuhiro Ishizuka (Grave of the Fireflies), Risa Ishikawa (Tsubasa, Kiki’s Delivery Service), and Kazuhiro Takagi (Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider: Shirobako).

The anime will be dubbed into English, with the series set for an English dub in early 2018.

The series will be available on Crunchytv, as is the light version, and also via Crunchyplay.

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