How to tell if your cat is macerating skin

MSNBC’s Munchies recently published a video of a kitten named Daisy that had her skin completely covered in maceration.

She is so bad at distinguishing between the real thing and her own skin that her owner is calling her a “f*ckhead.”

Munchie says that when Daisy was born she was not covered in skin.

Instead, Daisy’s skin was covered in tiny, white pellets of dead, scaly skin.

Daisy was initially kept in a “super-duper-large cage,” and her mother would feed her pellets of food and water to keep her warm.

She would then crawl around in the cage until she got bored.

“After about six weeks, Daisy started to crawl around on her own and she was eating the pellets, but the pellets were still inside her skin,” Munchiess said.

Daisy’s mother eventually let her out and found the skin covered in pellets, and when Daisy went outside to play she became completely covered.

Munchio says Daisy has become so bad that she will “be seen by people at the mall as a normal, normal little girl.”

This has led to Daisy’s owners asking her to be moved to a larger facility.

Moshie explains that Daisy has “a tendency to go crazy” when she’s out of her cage and is very active.

If Daisy is out of sight, she will quickly go into a frenzy, and she will often be found lying in a pool of blood or vomit.

“When Daisy is covered in her own feces, she’s actually trying to eat that, and her teeth will fall out and she’s vomiting all over the place,” Moshiess explained.

“So she’s trying to get her claws on those things.”

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