How to Play ‘Savage’ for a Light Skinned Look

The Savage Beauty brand is taking its first steps toward a light skin aesthetic.

In a new video, the company’s founder and chief creative officer, Sabrina Carpenter, shows how to make a skin fade haircut with an orange, rose, and orange wig and a light brown wig with the tips of two orange tips and a rose tip.

The videos features a new skin tone look called “skin fade” and a new hair color called “lily pad.”

Carpenter says the “skin fades” video was inspired by a “natural hair style” from her family and a favorite actress. 

“I’m trying to get to a place where I feel like I can be myself and still be confident,” Carpenter said.

“I’m not a big ‘look’ person, I just like the natural look.” 

The “skin fashions” video is just one of a series of videos that the brand is putting together to help promote its “skin care” line.

“We’re not just selling something to everyone,” Carpenter says in the video.

“This is for people who want to get their hair and skin back.” 

Savage Beauty is known for its natural beauty products.

The company makes an extensive line of “natural skin care” products and has a line of skincare and body care products. 

The brand’s newest products include a light-skinned “facial wash,” which comes in orange, blue, and white. 

Also featured in the new videos is the brand’s “skin” hair cut.

“In our product, you see the orange, pink, and purple in the back,” Carpenter explains.

“When you’re cutting it, you’re getting the whole look.”

The video features two different hair colors and hair styles for different skin tones. 

There are also new skincares that feature “natural” ingredients.

The new products include an orange and rose hair wash, which is a light pink and orange color.

The “skin light” shampoo is a dark pink color. 

Another new product is “natural face cream.” 

“We’re trying to make an effort to use natural ingredients and ingredients that are proven to work for the skin,” Carpenter explained.

“The best thing is that you don’t have to go out and buy expensive products that you’ve never used before.” 

When asked what inspired her new look, Carpenter said she was inspired to “make myself feel like a more natural person.” 

Her brand has been growing rapidly, according to Samantha Bowerman, founder and CEO of Sakurajia, an online salon service that helps people learn how to achieve their goals and personal style. 

Saving Beauty in 2014, Safarie Beauty became one of the first beauty brands to introduce the “safer” skin look. 

In 2015, the brand launched a new “skin product” called “Lily Pad” that was supposed to help people shed skin. 

While Safarie Beauty has become more of a “health” brand than a beauty brand, the videos are still aimed at people who are “skinny,” according to Bowermans Instagram post. 

Bowermans new video is also a “thank you” video, in which the founder says she’s “so excited to see you.” 

In her Instagram post, Bowermans new videos highlight how she has been “taking things one step at a time.” 

She has not only been making her own videos, but also using the videos to help other women in her life. 

One of the videos features Bower, who is also the founder of Tinder, asking people to share the content on their social media.

“You know, sometimes it can feel like we’re being super secretive, and it can be a little scary to do, but the truth is, we love making you feel good about yourself,” Bower said in the Instagram post about sharing her videos. 

After the video, Bowers post received over 4,500 comments. 

 Bowers’ video is a great example of the brand trying to connect with people through video. 

She also shared that she “love[s] that we can see a little bit of ourselves in the videos.” 

 In the videos, she talks about how she “loves making you smile, and I also love that you love seeing my videos.” 

 “I want to make it easy for you to share your stories,” she said in one of her videos, “and hopefully inspire you to start your own personal journey to make your skin feel beautiful.” 

For more, check out Saved Beauty’s new skin-fade hair video below.

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