How to be a better dark skin girl, according to @LizBartos, a blogger for The Daily Beast

A woman named Liz Bartos has come out in favor of the idea of darker skinned girls and the way they should look.

She argues that girls should be treated as equal to boys, not less, and that they should be given the same opportunities as their peers, including the right to an education.

The idea of girls as more equal is not new.

In the 1940s, the US Supreme Court upheld the right of black women to vote and in the 1960s, black girls had the right and the opportunity to go to college.

But the idea that girls are somehow more deserving of equal opportunities in society and in society at large has not been embraced.

Bartoses post came to the attention of The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who asked Bartos if she wanted to weigh in on the debate over the issue of girls being discriminated against and treated as less than boys.

Barsky told Stewart that the idea is still a work in progress.

“I think there is a lot of discrimination and violence against girls that has been going on for a long time,” she said.

“I think if I was a boy, I would have felt that way.

I feel like the discrimination that girls have suffered is much more severe.”

She went on to say that girls, like men, are also discriminated against when it comes to being accepted into college.

“So what is the solution to that?” she asked.

“And I think it has to do with getting girls the education that they need, the same opportunity as boys.”

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