‘Gotham’ creator and showrunner Dan DiDio discusses the new ‘GOTHAM’ series, the new season of ‘Birds of Prey’ and more.

In an interview with IGN, DiDIO discussed the upcoming season of “Gothams,” the new series from “GOTH AM” creator/showrunner Dan Dohrenwend and writer/executive producer Dan Aykroyd.

“It’s a continuation of the ‘Goths’ arc, where the gang has been together for five years,” DiDios said.

“And then it turns into a different story, and we’re not sure how to deal with that.

So we’re exploring the possibility of what would happen if you don’t take your own life.

It’s an exciting season.”

While DiDiacos comments regarding the upcoming series were mostly positive, he did add that there’s a “big story” in store for the season.

“There’s a big story to be told in the next five years, so that’s something that we’re working on right now,” DiCio said.

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