FourFour Two: How to clean your skin – Pink skin purges can help you heal your skin and get rid of tick bites and infections, according to a new study.

A new study from Australia’s Royal College of Dermatologists (RCD) found the pink-purple skin-scrub can help prevent skin ulcers, and also reduce the number of tick-borne skin infections.

“If you are going to do anything to cleanse your skin, the first thing to do is get rid in the first place of any dirt or dirt-like materials that may be causing the itch or irritation,” Dr Michael Smedley, the RCD’s clinical professor, said.

He said it was important to keep the skin clean, especially in the morning, before scrubbing.”

It’s very important to get rid that stuff out.”

He said it was important to keep the skin clean, especially in the morning, before scrubbing.

Dr Smedle said there were four basic steps to skin purification:1.

Wash your face with water.2.

Brush your face gently with soap and water.3.

Rinse with water and use a clean towel.4.

Rub a cotton pad under the affected area to remove dirt.

The study, which involved 4,000 people, found that those who did the pink skin purgative were less likely to have a skin infection compared with those who washed their face and didn’t scrub, according.

The RCD said pink-pink treatments were particularly helpful for people who had a rash, and for those with an inflamed or irritated skin.

“You may be concerned about itching if you have an inflated or irritated rash, but if you don’t get a rash it may go away without any treatment,” Dr Smedie said. 

“If that’s the case, you can also apply a cotton cloth under the skin to prevent itching.”

It also works well for people with eczema and eczemas with inflammation.

“Dr SMedley said the study had been published in the journal Dermatology International, but was available to the public. 

He said more research was needed to find out whether the treatment had a long-term impact.”

We’re hoping to have more studies conducted in the future, so that we can look at what the long-lasting effect of this may be,” he said.

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