Five things you need to know about the skin picking disorder

In a report released Thursday, a team of researchers from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the University for Clinical and Translational Science in Boston said they discovered an online forum for the disease, in which users post their experiences with skin picking, called “Skin Pickers,” that has been active since August.

While the team’s study, which was published in the online journal PLoS ONE, doesn’t pinpoint a specific cause of the disease (though it does report that it is linked to the common skin-picking disorder botox), it says that the forum is “a prominent place for people to share experiences and discuss their experiences of skin picking.”

According to the study, “skin picking” occurs when someone rubs their skin with a cotton swab or a disposable plastic plastic swab, which can create a large amount of irritation.

It also occurs when a person’s fingers and toes are rubbed together, creating an irritation that causes their skin to peel.

According to a study published in August, the skin-pickers forum posts more than 5,000 posts a day, and it’s one of the top sites on Reddit, a popular social media site.

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