“Bizarre” Pca skin found on Ireland’s border with Northern Ireland

Pca skins are widely believed to have been discovered in a local bog in Co. Tyrone, a report said, and a source close to the investigation said it appeared to be the result of “a very, very bad accident”.

The source, who is part of a group of investigators investigating the discovery, said the finding was “bizarre” and “not a good look”.

It is understood that the skin, which was “very thin”, had been found “in a field and some kind of a pit”, according to the Irish Times.

The report said that a post-mortem examination showed the animal had been shot in the head and killed.

It added: “The pca was not a threat to anyone but the gardaí, the dog and the gardai.”

Gardaí had been called to the site on the night of November 10.

The Pca was found in a bog in a remote area in Co Tyrone.

It is believed to be about one year old.

A spokesperson for the Garda said the investigation was ongoing.

The Irish Independent has contacted Pca Skin’s owners, who declined to comment.

The Co. Meath-based firm PcaSkin has said it was “surprised and disappointed” by the report.

“Our company is a very good source of quality and high-quality pca skins for sale on the Irish market,” a spokesperson said.

“The skin found was a very,very thin layer and it was not something we would have expected to find in a field.”


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